Success story: Anderol® 6220 Gear Oil

Switching to Anderol ® 6220 gear oil improves performance and reduces costs

The Situation

A large multinational manufacturer of ingredients (starch, fruit and vegetable concentrate) for the food industry was using a mineral oil with NSF H1 certification for lubrication of its gears. Due to the company’s 3-shift production operation, the mineral oil required frequent changes and replacements, resulting in excess labour costs, as well as frequent disposal and oil replacement.

The Solution
Following a detailed assessment and analysis from the commercial technical team at Anderol’s distributor, a recommendation was made to switch to Anderol® 6220, a synthetic, high performance food-grade gear lubricant. Anderol® 6220 provides excellent pressure resistance, increased oxidation stability as well as high lubrication and cleaning power.

The result
The benefits afforded by switching were immediate with a drop of almost 10°C in the working temperature. The customer has since seen a significant increase in the exchange intervals over time, resulting in less oil consumption, reduced labour costs and increased productivity. The chart below illustrates the results.

 6220 SS

6220 SS tabel